Pet dog devoured by pack of wolves after owner accidentally drops it into zoo enclosure

A PET dog was attacked and EATEN by a pack of wolves after its owner accidentally dropped it in an enclosure at a Chinese zoo. 

The horrific moment was captured on video footage, showing the hungry animals maul the defenceless pooch.

The incident took place on Monday at Wild Wolf Valley, near Changi in northern Xinjiang.

The bystander who took the video said the pet owner was holding their small dog and watching the wolves from an observation deck.

It was then the pup slipped and fell down to the pack of wolves.

The confronting footage shows seven predators crowding around the dog in a circle.

They start mauling the pet, making its escape impossible.

As they fight for the dog, a struggle ensues before the wolves appear to give up the fight and allow a pack member to run off with the dead dog between its fangs, as the others follow behind.

Onlookers are heard screaming in shock as the attack took place.

Local media that said the dog was killed in the attack but did not reveal whether the body was recovered or eaten before it could be removed.

The dog was a shichon, a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise, according to the news site Baidu.

While it is rare for pets to fall into zoo enclosures, it isn’t completely unheard of.

Last year, a pack of African wild dogs escaped from a safari park enclosure and savaged 16 of the zoo’s sheep and deer.

Keepers were devastated when they arrived to find the “absolute bloodbath” of ten Persian deer and six Barbary sheep at West Midland Safari Park.

They were killed after a gate separating the 12 dogs from their prey had blown down at the height of Storm Ciara.

In 2017, a pet dog had a narrow escape after it slipped through its owner's arms and fell into a tigers den at a zoo in Jiangsu Province, eastern China.

Two tigers could be seen staring at the dog after it fell from a viewing platform on the first floor and into a moat which separates the animals and tourists.  

The lucky pooch was rescued by zookeepers with a net after they shot firecrackers towards the two Siberian tigers.

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