Roo want a piece of me? Stunning moment two kangaroos go head-to-head

Roo want a piece of me? Astonishing moment two hulking kangaroos go head-to-head in a boxing match in front of a terrified family

  • Family on holiday in South Australia watched on as the kangaroos fought
  • Kangaroos went head-to-head for 30 minutes while the family ate breakfast
  • The pair finished their fight and hopped away into nearby bushland 

A relaxing family holiday breakfast was interrupted by two hulking kangaroos who locked in a boxing match in a suburban street. 

The marsupials traded blows in the heated exchange outside the family’s South Australia holiday house. 

In mesmerising footage, one roo is seen kicking his legs and charging towards the other marsupial. 

A pair of kangaroos have traded blows as South Australian holiday-goers watch on

The animals can be seen pausing for long moments, before one kicks out and initiates the fight again. 

The pair even took a moment to scratch their behinds before getting back into battle. 

The duo finished their combat after around 30 minutes and bounded away into nearby bushland.

Generally, kangaroos fight to see who wins a mate. The most dominant male is the prime partner for the female.

Younger kangaroos will fight playfully and it is commonplace for the animals to wrestle with their mothers.

But the older the roos get, the more serious their bouts become as they fight for territory, water and mating partners.

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