Russia rallies behind coronavirus nurse who stripped down to underwear and see-through gown while overheating on ward – The Sun

RUSSIANS have rallied behind a nurse who faced the sack for wearing only underwear and a see-through gown on a hospital ward.

The woman, who stripped down after saying she was “too hot” in PPE equipment, has now received support from businesses and politicians.

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The nurse, called Nadia, works at a major hospital in the Russian city of Tula, and claimed that she wore a “swimming suit” beneath the gown because the protective equipment was too hot.

After a picture of the 23-year-old health worker dispensing medicines in her underwear went viral, hospital bosses punished her for “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.”

But doctors, businesses and politicians in Russia have now backed the nurse, with some saying that the hospital had not provided the appropriate protective equipment to work with coronavirus patients.

One colleague said the nurse was “under big stress” because of the hospital’s response.

They told Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda: “She is in a state of shock and afraid of losing her job altogether.”

Firstly, a plague-proof costume is never transparent. And it must be made of a completely different fabric.

Head of the Doctors’ Alliance, Dr Anastasia Vasilyeva, offered to back the nurse in appealing against her punishment.

"If she turns to us, we will protect her,” she said.

“The fact that the costumes are of such a quality that do not meet the standards is a problem for management, not the nurse.

“The picture shows that she was wearing some kind of plastic suit.

“We need to pay attention not to her [underwear], but that the [gown] does not meet the necessary standards.

“Firstly, a plague-proof costume is never transparent. And it must be made of a completely different fabric.”

The nurse has also been offered a job as an underwear model by lingerie company Miss X.

Boss Anastasia Yakusheva said: "We want the Tula nurse to become a model of our underwear brand.

“We are ready to deliver several sets of exclusive new products for fitting, and in the future we plan to conclude an annual agreement with her."

Meanwhile, politician Vitaly Milonov said: "No disciplinary methods should be imposed on the [nurse].

He added: “In no case should the girl be punished, I am sharply against this."

Russia has more than 300,000 cases of Covid-19 with an official death toll of 2,972.

However, Moscow has been accused of downplaying the true level of its fatalities.

Tula, in the west of the country, has reported 2,637 infections and 19 deaths.

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