San Jose shooter Samuel Cassidy filmed walking calmly to shoot MORE colleagues as planted explosives to be blown up

SAN Jose shooter Samuel Cassidy was filmed walking calmly to shoot more of his colleagues as he planted explosives to be blown up.

Authorities say the 57-year-old shooter was heavily armed on Wednesday morning with three 9mm handguns and 32 high-capacity magazines, some with 12 rounds.

New surveillance footage from his place of work showed Cassidy slowly strolling from one building to another.

He can be seen walking over tracks, surpassing one vehicle and one light rail.

It is unclear how many victims were shot in each building, however, a total of nine of his employees were identified as deceased.

The footage is the last time that Cassidy was seen before he allegedly shot himself after attacking his coworkers.

Earlier that day, Cassidy was recorded leaving for work for the final time, dressed in his reflective train uniform, replete with a dark railroad cap, a facemask, and lifting a dark duffle bag full of guns before the home gets consumed by fire.

The eerie footage was taken from a neighbor’s Nest camera moments before Cassidy sped off 10 miles away to slaughter the nine.

The footage shows the man believed to be Cassidy preparing for his impending bloodshed, innocuously walking between a white Ford pickup and dark Toyota sedan parked at his home driveway.

A witness managed to videotape the same home bursting with flames and clouded in dark smoke as firefighters tirelessly work to put it out.

The nine victims were fatally killed were Abdolvahab Alaghmandan, Adrian Balleza, Alex Fritch, Jose Hernandez III, Lars Lane, Paul Megia, Timothy Romo, Michael Rudometkin and Taptejdeep Singh.

One of Jose’s friends told The Sun that he had spoken about how VTA management were warned of “constant threats” made by Cassidy, 57, but took no action.

Speaking at a vigil for the victims on Thursday evening, Joe Bennetti, 35, said: “That guy (Cassidy) has been saying that s*** for months and they (his co-workers) reported it.

“Jose and that guy didn’t get along because that guy was constantly making threats," Bennetti said.

“They reported it to management and management didn’t want to do anything for fear of inciting him, so they just kind of brushed it off until this dude came in and did it. That’s the conversation Jose had with me.

“That was like in March, he didn’t mention him by name but he said there was a guy who was saying all this crazy stuff and he had mental problems and all these guns.

“I was like ‘Dude, you’ve got to tell somebody’ and he said ‘We tell them'," Bennetti continued.

“Once they figured out it was a guy on Jose’s team that did the shooting I realized it was the guy he had told me about.

“He (Cassidy) made the threat of doing what he did. He was like ‘I’m going to kill everybody in this place’ and he was a big gun nut.

"Jose told me Cassidy would openly boast about how he was into guns."

Cassidy fired on his coworkers at around 6.30am throughout two buildings on the VTA premises.

Bomb squad team members were canvassing the premises after a batch of bomb materials were discovered inside Cassidy’s locker.

On Friday morning, the San Jose Police Bomb Squad shut down Angmar court to remove and detonate explosives that were allegedly from Cassidy's home.

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