Scientists investigate link between coronavirus survival rates and Vitamin D – The Sun

SCIENTISTS are to investigate whether Vitamin D can help coronavirus patients fight the disease.

The vitamin is produced by exposing the skin to sunshine and is essential for a healthy immune system.

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A research team from the University of Granada in Spain is to run a ten-week trial involving 200 Covid-19 patients to establish if taking Vitamin D the can help fight the illness.

The scientist say a lack of Vitamin D in calves is thought to have been the main cause of bovine coronavirus infections in the past.

It “seems plausible” that the use of Vitamin D as “could be a potential intervention to fight against COVID-19 infected patients” whether they have non-severe, severe or no symptoms.

The study aims to investigate whether the “use of Vitamin D induces significant improvements of health… as well as preventing health deterioration”.

Dr Jenna Macciochi, of the University of Sussex, said: “If you are deficient in Vitamin D, you are three to four times more likely to catch a cold.

“It therefore makes sense a viral respiratory infection like Covid-19 would be worse if you were Vitamin D-deficient.”

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Public Health England will advise the public to start taking a daily dose of vitamin D as they are not getting enough sunshine during the coronavirus lockdown.

PHE has previously recommended everyone should take a 10 microgram supplement of vitamin D during the autumn and winter months, the Telegraph reports.

More sunshine in spring and summer meant this was no longer necessary for most people but this will be updated to recommend everyone should continue taking it.

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