Shocking coronavirus graphs show Americans may need to stay home until JULY to stem outbreak – The Sun

SHOCKING new coronavirus graphs have shown that Americans could be forced to stay at home until July to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

Researchers determined that there are fewer options for controlling the virus at a later date and that there is a higher likelihood of exceeding hospital capacity if the lockdown was relaxed in May.

However, it has been found that if social distancing measures are maintained until the summer it will allow for the death toll to minimize.

The graphs, which were published in medRxiv, identify the optimal way to control a system at different points in time.

The research looked at the differences between lifting restrictions in May, during summer 2020 and even through December 2021.

Alex Perkins, the lead author of the study, told the Daily Mail: "What happens with control in the short term has a big impact on what happens in the long term.

"Social distancing measures seem to be having some effect…but we also know they’re incredibly destructive economically and socially.

"They need to be used as sparingly as possible. Hopefully other interventions will come online later…but, at the time, that's really all we have."

The study concluded that relaxing lockdown rules soon makes a rise in the virus more likely and harder to control.

Perkins added: "We know that there are a lot of people out there right now who are infected and if we let up on control, it's very reasonable to expect that we're going to see a continued uptick and the beginning of a resurgence.

"If we can sort of get transmission down to a lower level where you've got fewer people infected out there who just kind of bear down on this for a little bit longer then it's going to be at a lower starting point.

"It probably makes sense to keep bearing down on things to keep giving ourselves better options a little bit later."

The coronavirus has devastated the United States, having killed at least 61,635 Americans.

The country currently has a total of 1,063,863 confirmed cases.

However, 147,114 have recovered from the disease.

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