Some coronavirus stimulus checks deposited into WRONG accounts – and bank says there’s ‘nothing they can do’ – The Sun

AS some Americans check the status of their stimulus checks, the IRS' tracker shows the money has been deposited – only for people to discover it went to an outdated or completely wrong account.

Despite some people desperately needing the financial relief amid coronavirus crisis, some people have been told by the banks that there's nothing they can do about it.

"@IRSnews My stimulus check was deposited in wrong account. Dont even know who's account that was. What do I do now?To get my money?" one user questioned Thursday morning.

Another user questioned: "What do you do if your stimulus check was sent to wrong account? @IRSnews this is totally in acceptable," one user wrote.

Some users also reported difficulty contacting the IRS about the money going to incorrect accounts.

"Seriously? The IRS got my account information wrong and there's no way to contact them?? There phone services aren't operating right now bc of the stimulus checks…wtf," one user tweeted.

The IRS recently released a Get My Payment tool, which allows people to track their stimulus checks.

The stimulus checks are part of the $2.2 trillion package passed by Congress to give much-needed financial relief to millions of Americans around the nation.

President Donald Trump signed the bill on March 27, and weeks later, people have finally begun to receive their checks.

On Wednesday, the IRS said it was operating at "record volumes."

The government agency said yesterday, 9.8 million people had checked their Economic Impact Payment status, and that 1.6 million people had given their direct deposit information.

Many Americans were frustrated to find their money had been put into incorrect or nonexistent accounts – only to be told by their banks there's nothing they could do about it.

"You sent my check to the wrong account number! I've had my account for years. Bank says there's nothing they can do. Now what? please advise," one user tweeted.

Some people also reported that people who had died were receiving stimulus checks.

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky posted a screenshot text from a friend, stating that their father – who died in 2018 – just received a stimulus check for $1,200.

The reports came as:

  • The number of Americans that filed for unemployment amid the virus pandemic shot past 22 million
  • Another 5.2 million people filed jobless claims in the last week
  • The total number of virus cases in the U.S. soared past 644,000, with more than 28,000 deaths
  • Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi vowed to block President Trump's attempt to freeze WHO funding
  • Experts say more than 75 percent of people infected with COVID-19 may not have symptoms

The IRS did not immediately respond to The Sun's requests for comment.

IRS spokesperson Jodie Reynolds told USA Today on Wednesday, however, that the agency was looking into the matter.

Reynolds said that banks should reject the money if the name on the check doesn't match the account.

She said people should contact their banks if the money went to an incorrect account – but many people said that their banks said there was nothing they could do and the onus was on the IRS.

"The payment isn't going to bounce back and just sit here,'' Reynolds told USA Today.

"We will turn around and cut them a paper check and make sure they get their money," she added.

The IRS first began depositing the stimulus relief payments on April 11, and checks are expected to continue going out to Americans over coming weeks.

In addition to people reporting that their money was sent to an incorrect account, multiple people have found that more than $8 million was mysteriously deposited into their account.

One volunteer firefighter in Indiana was expecting to see a $1,700 stimulus deposit – and was surprised to instead find $8.2 million had been deposited.

Another Florida woman went to withdraw money after her stimulus check was deposited, only to discover $8.5 million had been dropped into her account by mistake.

Reports recently surfaced that Donald Trump's name is going to be printed on the paper checks – which could delay them by several days.

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