Texans' Davis Mills posts worst NFL QB performance in 3 seasons, per this measure

Davis Mills had a rough day in Buffalo. 

The Houston Texans rookie quarterback who took over for an injured Tyrod Taylor (who took over for a sidelined Deshaun Watson) led his team in a 40-0 beatdown at the hands of Josh Allen's Bills on Sunday. As the score makes obvious, this was a mismatch of the likes rarely seen on an NFL field or between two professional teams of any kind.

Buffalo outgained Houston 450 yards to 109. The Bills tallied a 5-1 turnover advantage and held the ball (38:15) almost twice as long as the Texans (21:45).

No, this was not a day to remember for the Texans or Mills. According to one statistical measure, Mills posted the worst quarterback performance in years. Per ESPN's Seth Walder, his 0.8 was the worst QBR recorded in the past three seasons.

Davis Mills recorded a Total QBR of 0.8 today. That's the worst QBR game of the last three seasons.

— Seth Walder (@SethWalder) October 3, 2021

What is QBR?

QBR is short for "total quarterback rating," a statistical measure ESPN created in 2011 in an effort to simplify the more commonly referenced but difficult to decipher quarterback rating. Instead of the quarterback rating scale that scores performances deemed perfect at 158.3, QBR works on a simpler 0-100 scale. A score of 50 is considered average, while a score of 100 is considered perfect. 

A score of 0.8? Well, here's how you get there. Mills completed 11 of 21 pass attempts (52.3%) for 87 yards (4.1 yards per attempt) with zero touchdowns and four interceptions. In case you're wondering, the traditional quarterback rating scale awarded Mills a 23.4 on Sunday. 

Nathan Peterman was worse — barely

Per Walder, Mills' effort Sunday wasn't worse than another infamous performance familiar to Bills fans. 

Nathan Peterman's Week 1 effort for the Bills in 2018 against the Baltimore Ravens earned him a 0.7 QBR. He completed 5 of 18 passes for 24 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions in that 47-3 loss.

Unfortunately for Peterman, he's perhaps better known for his 2017 effort against the Los Angeles Chargers. During a 54-24 Week 10 loss, Peterman completed 6 of 14 pass attempts for 66 yards with zero touchdowns and five interceptions — with all of his picks arriving in the first half. That effort earned a 0.6 QBR.

The quarterback he replaced that day? Taylor, whom Sean McDermott benched for Peterman before going back to Taylor in the second half. Here's guessing Taylor will get his job back from Mills as soon as he has recovered from his hamstring injury.

Either way, Bills fans are surely glad to be on the right end of historically bad quarterback play.

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