The council told me to stop drying my washing in my house to stop the home going mouldy – it's ridiculous

A MUM who was told by the council not to dry her washing inside to stop "awful" mould ravaging her home has blasted the advice.

Amy Robinson, who lives with her husband and two children in the mould-ridden home, said the problem is "awful" and has wrecked her furniture.

She fumed at the council's advice, adding the persistent mould issue isn't isolated to the room where she hangs up wet washing.

Amy said that most of the time washing is dried inside, windows are kept open.

The 34-year-old told Hull Live: "I've already had to redecorate three or four times.

"It's the smell that the worst part."

She explained the family moved into the home in East Riding, Yorks, around three years ago – but after a few months, began having issues with mould.

Amy said the problem has persisted for around two years, and has gotten so bad that they are looking to move out because she claims it is making her children, one of whom has asthma, "poorly".

She said that when the issue first appeared, an inspector from East Riding of Yorkshire Council was sent out, who told her to stop drying clothes inside and ventilate the home.

She then complained about mould in her bedroom and another inspector was sent, but they found there was no issue.

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On a third callout, repairs were scheduled for the roof, which it was deemed had been letting in the mould and damp.

Tile vents were installed last year, but the mum claims the issue has continued and has now spread throughout the house.

She said: "My bathroom was horrendous, plaster was peeling off the wall in the bathroom, so obviously when you're showering, it just all fell into the bath

"That was awful and was going on for weeks."

At first she was just advised to paint over the plaster, but "after a few months" repairs were made.

The 34-year-old said there is also mould on part of the front door, and that she has to wipe down windows daily because water collects on the inside.

And mould has even spread onto her furniture, ravaging a sofa, table, chest of draws, blinds and a mirror.

Amy said she feels like her pleas for help are being "ignored", with environmental health inspectors not sent out because the issue isn't deemed bad enough.

The mum said she would like for the issues to be fixed so the family can remain at the property.

A spokesperson for the council said: "A further inspection will shortly take place at the property and the council's housing team are committed to resolving any issues which fall under the council's responsibilities."

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