Trump will win 2024 election 'easily' because of Biden's 'incompetence', Eric Trump says

DONALD TRUMP will "easily" win the 2024 election because of Joe Biden's "incompetence", the former president's son Eric has said.

"I think every single day that Biden messes up our nation, I think it further incentivizes my father and frankly, our entire family, to do it again," he said.

Eric told Newsmax on Tuesday: "There's half this country right now that feel they don't have a spokesperson, they have no voice.

"You've got another major amount of the country who thinks that they made a terrible mistake electing this guy… a lot of people are saying we made a major mistake.

"This guy [Biden] is making it easy with his incompetence, and we're gonna walk through that door. I'm telling you, we're gonna walk through that door.

"You have a lot of people out there who say, you know, I really miss Trump… I might not have liked every single tweet he sent, but the guy was incredibly effective."

Host had Greg Kelly had asked Eric: "What's the latest on 2024? Where's his heart right now?"

Eric then went on to list the things he says are wrong under the Biden administration including high fuel prices, inflation, Vladimir Putin "hacking our country", the Southern Border and crime spikes.

He said he thinks the 2022 midterm elections will be "an absolute bloodbath", adding: "I think 2024 is gonna surprise everybody."

"They know he's the strongest political force, Greg, on this side of the aisle by far. They'll do anything they can to take the guy down," he added.

Biden suffered a series of blunders during his trip to Europe earlier this month.

He snapped at a CNN reporter and said "I'm not confident about anything" when he was grilled on Vladimir Putin.

He also accidentally referred to Putin as Trump and appeared confused during a summit with the European Union.  

Donald Trump Jr was among those criticizing the president as he claimed that Biden is “embarrassing” the US with his performance during his first international trip to Europe, which included the G7 summit in England and a meeting with Queen Elizabeth. 

The president was corrected by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson after Biden claimed he had failed to introduce the South African President.  

Other G7 leaders were heard laughing around the table at Biden's forgetfulness. The US president then joined in.

Biden also fumbled over his words while speaking about Russia and confused Libya for Syria on three separate occasions.

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