Woman uses cheap nail polish to clean boyfriend's car wheel

Hilarious moment woman uses a $3.50 beauty product to cover her tracks after crashing her boyfriend’s car into a curb: ‘Now my relationship is on the line’

  • NZ fashion stylist Georgette Pollock drove her boyfriend’s car and hit a curb
  • She hid the damage on the rim by painting the scuff marks with cheap nail polish
  • Georgette shared the trick to TikTok, where it now has more than 2.5mil views

A woman who accidentally drove her boyfriend’s car into a curb has tried to hide the damage on the wheel using cheap nail polish.

New Zealander Georgette Pollock revealed the simple trick she used to ‘save her relationship’ in a now-viral video posted to TikTok.

The fashion stylist explained she caused scuff marks all over the rim after clipping the gutter when she borrowed the vehicle.

‘If you borrowed your boyfriend’s car and drove it into a f**king curb, this video is for you,’ she began.

Curbed your boyfriend’s car ? No problem. . . #curbedwheel #tipsandtricks #howtosaveyourrelationship

New Zealand woman Georgette Pollock used cheap nail polish to hide the damage on the rim of her boyfriend’s car

Ms Pollock starts cleaning the wheel with a cloth and then paints over the marks using $3.50 black nail polish from Chemist Warehouse.

‘You do not want dirt underneath your paint…and when I say paint, I mean $3.50 nail polish,’ she continued. 

As she fills in the marks, Ms Pollock stresses the importance of ‘taking your time’.

‘It’s really important you take your time because remember your relationship is on the line here. Nice, even brush strokes up and down, looking good.’

‘Finish up those curbs and then clean the whole wheel because he’s going to notice that bits of his wheel are cleaned where your curbs were. This is key for not losing your boyfriend,’ she quips. 

After the first coat dries, Ms Pollock adds more paint to fill areas of the rim that are ‘super dented’.

She then shows off the newly-cleaned wheel, telling her viewers: ‘Voila. Beautiful, cleaned wheel and you get to keep your boyfriend. You can thank me later.’ 

The fashion stylist had borrowed her partner’s vehicle when she accidentally hit the curb

Ms Pollock cleaned the wheel before using $3.50 nail polish from Chemist Warehouse to cover the mark. She then cleaned the rest of the rim and applied another coat

Ms Pollock’s video has garnered more than 2.5million views since she uploaded it.

While some users saw the humorous side in her video, others said her partner would notice the cover up straight away.

‘If he’s a real car lover he will notice straight away cause I know I would,’ wrote one.

Another said: ‘My wife did it to her car and I noticed it within 5 min. There is no hiding that from a car guy.’

‘He will notice. My husband can see a patched up scratch from 50km away,’ added a third. 

A few viewers suggested Ms Pollock tell her partner immediately and pay money to get the rim fixed instead. 

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