Wyoming strip club reopens with ‘masks on, clothes off’ party

They’re no longer clothed for business.

A Wyoming jiggle joint reopened over the weekend with a “masks on, clothes off” party, as it debuts new coronavirus safety guidelines, according to a report.

“This is a risk we’re taking,” said owner Kim Chavez of Friday’s reopening of The Den in Cheyenne, according to USA Today.

The strip club was able to open alongside the state’s sit-down restaurants and bars, which is how the business is classified, the newspaper reported.

As part of the reopening, all of the strippers sported face coverings to dance and there was ample hand sanitizer available, the report said.

But cash was exchanged, which could allow for germs to spread, and dancers were touching patrons, the outlet reported.

“I’m a little nervous because the virus is still out there, but I’m glad to be able to go to work, because a lot of people can’t yet,” dancer Doris Craig told the outlet.

Chavez, who has owned the bar with her husband for 15 years, said that she was concerned about her employees during the shutdown.

“That was the hardest part about being shut: worrying about the girls,” Chavez said. “It was heartbreaking because you know every girl’s story.”

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